Scarlet Red Lentil Lasagna (Gluten-free) - 2 servings

Scarlet Red Lentil Lasagna (Gluten-free) - 2 servings

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Vegan lasagne made with gluten-free lasagne plates (organic)

Quantity: 2 portions 

Weight: 985 gram.

Try adding: Fresh basil and possibly a crispy salad.


Tomato, coconut milk (Coconut extract, water, guar gum); lasagne plates (corn flour, rice flour, water); mushrooms, red lentils, water, onions, carrot, eggplant, celery leaves, cashew nut, yeast flakes, corn starch, garlic, salt, paprika; balsamic vinegar (boiled grape must, red wine vinegar (contains sulfites); oregano; nutmeg.

Nutritional content  Pr. 100g
Energy, kJ / calories 458/109
Fat, g  4,3
- Of which saturated fatty acids, g  3,5
Carbohydrate, g  13,8
- Of which sugars, g  1,6
Dietary fiber, g 1,7
Protein, g  3,3
 Salt, g  0,4