Podcasts on the vegan lifestyle

At Just Plants, we work to strengthen awareness of the vegan lifestyle. Our mission is to make it mainstream.

Through our webshop we offer plant-based meals, and on our blog we will make you wiser on the lifestyle.

Below we will regularly post our podcasts, which tell about living vegan and the considerations behind the choice. You can watch all our videos on our YouTube channel.

Hear the dedicated sportswoman, Kristin Stengaard, who loves to challenge herself. In an interview with Malte Clausen, she tells about the change in her diet at the same time as a shift from Ironman to ultra discipline.


Meet Nova Storm interviewed by Malte Clausen. Nova discusses how she entered the vegan universe.


Casper Christiansen is interviewed by Malte Clausen and talks about his journey into the plant-based universe.