Vegan Apple Slices (Gluten Free)

Are you looking for a recipe for homemade vegan apple slices? Take a look here! These vegan apple slices are gluten free as I personally do not tolerate gluten. But rice flour, oatmeal and potato flour can easily be completely or partially replaced with wheat flour.

The advantage of this recipe, from a health perspective, is that the oatmeal adds an element of whole grains, which is not normally found in apple slices.

... BUT ... It's only Christmas once a year and it's ALL up to you how healthy your apple slices need to be ;D 

Here's the recipe for vegan apple slices:

- 3 dl. plant milk 

- 175g rice flour

- 75g gluten-free oatmeal

- 50g potato flour

- 100g cane sugar

- 1 tsp. orange peel

- ½ tsk. cardamom

- 200g soy yogurt

- 1 tsp. baking soda

Here's how you do it:

Mix all types of flour with plant milk, sugar, cardamom and orange peel (If you can not find oatmeal, you can grind oatmeal into flour with a food processor)

2. Mix soy yogurt and baking soda together. 

3. Put the yoghurt mixture into the rest of the dough and stir well.

Let the dough rest for 4 minutes.

5. Fry the apple slices in an apple slice pan.

Merry Christmas,



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