A Christmas dessert: Cinnamon Nicecream with Baked Apple

It's December 1st and I think you should have a little gift. 

We all have a "taste" that we associate Christmas with. To me, it’s cinnamon, vanilla and orange. We find those flavors, for example, in peppercorns, brownies, vanilla wreaths, ris'ala'mande, etc. All of this is perfectly fine, and there must definitely be room for all the traditional Christmas cakes and desserts. 

But if you, like me, also need a change in the form of a delicious healthy dessert which gives a good feeling in the stomach afterwards, then I would like to suggest a vegan ice cream. The base is made of fruit. It is sweet, creamy and tastes great Christmas.

It is well suited for an evening in front of the TV with friends, girlfriends and / or children.


Vegan ice cream with cinnamon (1 person)

- 1 apple

- 2 frozen bananas

- l dl. calcium-enriched soy milk with vanilla flavor

- ¾ tsk. cinnamon


Possible toppings

- Muesli or granola

- Walnuts 

- Cocoa nibs or chopped dark chocolate (my favorite)

- Cashews


- Roasted buckwheat kernels

- Pumpkin seeds


Switch on top at 180ºC. Cut the apple in half, remove the seeds and place on the baking tray with the cut side down and bake for 20 min. 

Take the apple out and when it has cooled, you can cut it into smaller pieces. Take the food processor out and blend the frozen bananas together with the cinnamon and soy milk until you have a good creamy consistency.  

Now you've made a vegan ice cream. Serve it in a bowl with the baked apple and toppings.

Bon appetite. 




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