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Pasta can help with a more varied diet

What is a varied diet?

A varied diet is a diet that contains food from a lot of different groups of foods. In this article, we focus on the plant-based ones. The different food groups are:

- Fruits and vegetables of all colors.

- Starch and Whole grains (Eg, potatoes, bread, brown rice and pasta)

- Legumes (Eg beans and chickpeas)

- Nuts and kernels,

Why is it important to eat varied?

It is important to eat varied because all food groups are good at contributing special nutrients. For example, potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, legumes provide plenty of protein and nuts contain healthy fats. In addition, each food has a high content of various vitamins and minerals which help to keep us healthy. 

If we eat only a few foods, then we reduce what vitamins and minerals we get.

Challenges that make it difficult to eat varied enough

It is important to eat varied. But there can be many reasons why it can be a challenge to serve a varied diet for either oneself or the family. Perhaps you can recognize one of the following reasons:

- You have few dishes that you know are a success to serve for the family.

- Kids have very narrow food preferences, and you often end up throwing out a lot of food when you try something new. 

- You know few dishes that are quick and easy to make after a long day. 

How can pasta make my diet more varied?

Pasta is something most people like, and there are now a sea of ​​options for buying pasta and spaghetti from different ingredients.

You can eat white wheat, whole wheat, pasta of lentil flour, soy flour, pea flour, chickpea flour, rice flour, corn flour, etc. In addition, you can make spaghetti from squash, cucumber, carrots and beets. It is only the imagination that sets the limits. You can try a lot of different ones and see which ones work for you and your family.

That way, you can vary between whole grains (whole grain pasta), legumes (chickpea pasta) and vegetables (squash spaghetti), even if you eat the same pasta dish every week. 

Try ours No Bull Bolognese or Chunky Cauliflower Carbonara, which are easy and quick to warm up and eat for any kind of pasta, on a day where it may well go fast.



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