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Why do we deliver our products frozen?

Why do we deliver our products frozen?

It is a common well-known method of storing and selling food from frost. Freezing has, however, gained a bad reputation over time, because food is associated with not being fresh. At Just Plants, we do not agree. In this article, we review the considerations we have made about frost:

Natural preservation - totally without preservatives, sugar or salt.

All food products have an expiration date, which must be adhered to in order for you to be sure that the food is safe to eat. Freezing sets off the natural biochemical processes that degrade food quality on pause. That's the way it is a natural måde to make food long lasting without the need to add any kind of preservatives. We think this makes the food more clean and authentic - As if you had made it yourself, and put it in the freezer.

Preservation of vitamins and minerals 

As an extension of the aforementioned cause, so will the "pause" of the biochemical processes

preserve several of the vitamins and minerals that were present when the food was frozen. We freeze the food right after it has been made, so that the loss of vitamins and minerals is reduced.


Less food waste

Because freezing makes food long-lasting, we need to throw out less food. It gives you freedom as a consumer to have full control over when you want to take the product out of the freezer and eat it. Our frozen products will not go to waste if you can not eat the meal when you anticipated to, which can be the challenge with other meal solution companies! Although, remember to eat the product before the "best before" date but we do not expect this will be an issue with our delectable meals range ;) !